Book Signing- June 2018


We did it!  I had my very first book signing for my very first book! I feel like it was a success.  It was mostly people I know and love that came and supported me.  They came out to encourage me and eat a cookie or two.  I signed their book and in return I had them signed mine. I want to remember all who came to make that afternoon a most memorable occasion.

We were parked right in front of the western section with Louis L’amour at our back- a very fitting spot. All we needed was coffee and a campfire.  We did have the coffee but I’m pretty sure campfires are not advisable in a library.  I should check on that! 🙂  haha


I’ll introduce you to a few close friends who have make this walk extra memorable!



This is my editor, Betty Ann Reynolds.  I can’t say enough nice things about her.  She is such an inspiration for women.  She does it all- and always looks fantastic while doing it! She told me when she started editing my book she felt like God with a red pen in her hand.  For truth, she held no judgment back- I felt the full force of red ink conviction! 🙂

#lovereedtoo  #pokesallet  #ididnotdie





This here is my fellow author friend, Genie Clark.  We met at our local library when we began a “Writers Anonymous Group.”  We gather once a week to share and bounce ideas back and forth.  We are a small group looking to diversify with more writers experienced or not.  The only prerequisite is that you love to write! She has been so helpful with the publishing bit.  She has authored a five book series on, “The McNaughton’s.” It is a modern day western set right here in Leon County.  I am thankful for her encouragement.

#cleanfiction  #writersanonymous #readachapter



This is my best gal, partner in crime, and designated doctor appointment buddy. Yep, not your normal friendship-  because we aren’t normal.  No manicures and facials for us- it’s the garden section, home depot, and conversations about all the things we are gonna plant, read, feed, listen to, and do all in one weekend! Christie Gray is also the librarian at our small quaint little library here in Centerville, TX.

#bffwithalibrarian #lifewithbabyboys





They really are my adoptive parents.  They have taken me own as theirs with the good, bad, and hormonal. My husbands parents, Rev. Dean and Nancy Easterling are super supportive.  Not only is Dean our Dad and Grandpa, but also our pastor with a vast amount of knowledge for history lessons 101 on “how things were back when.”  Nancy is more than a Grandma, she is a fantastic cheerleader and support group- she is also my proof reader and very first fan of the series.

#askthemaboutgrandkids  #theylovetalkingaboutgrands



This goofy person right here is my husband of 22 years this month.  He is often referred to as Hunny for years now on my blogger page.  He is an amazing husband and father to our three kids.  He is caring and has a heart of gold, not to forget his is a pretty awesome mechanic with some serious skills.  I love him so much and can’t imagine making the journey without him.  He says, “keep writing, sell some more books, so I can retire!”  I just laugh- cause do you know

how many that would take?…   🙂

#goals #campingadventures #livefordaysoff     #Pa&Omi


This here is my make-up and hair engineer. My daughter, Sarah Beth, has stepped in and filled some empty shoes as my photographer.  She is a talented cosmetologist making friend’s look and feel fabulous “one hair day” at a time. I couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments!

#imgonnabesarahbethwhenigrowup #beautybarn



Not pictured, but greatly missed was two very special grandmothers.  My grandmother, Bernice Machen and Hunny’s grandmother, Geraldean Martin they were two very special women that I miss deeply. They have been gone a number of years- and I do catch myself thinking- Oh, I need to call Nanny or Granny because- I know they’d want to know. Grandmothers have a bond with their granddaughters- perhaps i’ts a unified front against the “parent.”  Maybe, it’s the realization that wisdom needs to be imparted on the youth.  I’m not sure which.  With God’s continued favor and Grace I will get book two, “Between Two Fires”, written and we shall continue on.  I am so blessed and count myself fortunate to have so many to share these blessings with.



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